About Us

Top Fire is a European brand with a manufacturing facility in China, with the customer satisfaction in mind, we focus on what the end users want and we deliver the superior quality combined with competitive prices. We work with the top class Western designers to suit the American/European market with the top class customer services, you name it and we will make it.

Our Mission

Create Everlasting Love and Fun

At Topfire Doll , our primary purpose is to Create Everlasting Love and Fun. We are picturing a world where people could release and play out their deepest desires and live with ultimate satisfaction. We decided to devote all our passion and energy to the development and manufacturing of lifelike and fantasy love dolls.


Our Vission


To Be A Maker Of Love And Pleasure


Life is not always perfect and satisfying. Our bodies and minds are constantly tormented by stress, loneliness and sadness. People need to find true peace and companionship to refresh themselves and relight their love for life. So, at Topfire Doll , creating easy and pure love is our biggest motivation. We want to be a maker of perfect love and pleasure, not just a maker of sex toys. Each of our dolls is made of carefully selected and safe materials and produced through skilled production technology and detail carving. Our careful and hard-working workers pour their love of life into every process of production. Each doll is carefully handcrafted according to your requirements. They are pure, unique and only belong to you.


Our Values


Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are open to any suggestions. Listening to customer feedback and in-depth understanding of customer needs have always been the source of inspiration for our product development. It helps us to continuously explore technology innovation and product improvement, and also make our products richer and more diverse to meet various customer demands and tastes.